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We are the becozy-inventors

Not our first interim use project, on the contrary - but one of the coolest. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Idea, concept & project

Überlandstrasse 1
8600 Dübendorf
+41 43 508 61 72

Project-lead / Hotel & Tourism Operations
Nicolai Scheiweiler / Co-Living


Alexandros Tyropolis / CEO 

Brand design

Binzmühlestrasse 170c
CH-8050 Zürich

Becozy du Lac

Seestrasse 100
8820 Wädenswil

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The becozy Du Lac has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, it has now closed after many years of operation - and we have reopened it in 2022 as a pop-up hotel and revive the hotel with Mediterranean Riviera charmé of "back in the good old days".

Inspired by the Rivieras of this world, the becozy Du Lac also comes in summery colors and is meant to spread a vacation mood from day one.

The becozy Du Lac Riviera Edition is a simple place to stay with a feel-good factor. Clean, well located, cozy, uncomplicated and innovative at the same time.

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